Mould Removal & Remediation

Because of the invasive and damaging properties of mould, it should only be handled by a professional.

Let Restoration 1 take care of any mould problems you are experiencing. We specialize in mould removal and remediation services and mould damage restoration. We have the experience needed to locate, test and identify the kind of mould you have. Our state-of-the-art mould removal equipment allow us to mitigate and eliminate the spores. And our training and tenure means that we will successfully restore your mould damaged areas. At Restoration 1, we take the health and safety of your home seriously. Therefore, whether you know you have mould or only suspect it, contact our team and we will help.

Commonly growing in dark areas where there is a lack of airflow, mould can exist in your property long before you know it is there. Mould damage will compound and makes the removal, mitigation and restoration process even more imperative. Events like flooding, storm damage, burst pipes and plumbing problems can instigate mould growth. Anytime there is water damage to your property that is not dealt with immediately, mould can occur.


Detecting where the mould is is the first step for proper servicing.


Determining the type of mould will enable our trained technicians to know how best to treat it.


Removing the mould and correctly treating the area will secure livable conditions.


Restoring your property as close to its original, safe condition is our primary goal.

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Mould Damage Restoration

Mould commonly grows where there is a lack of airflow. This means that mould can be growing and thriving in your property for years causing damage to your home and major health concerns for your family. Restoration 1 is your premier mould removal and treatment restoration company.

The common mould spore is prevalent in nature, and can enter your home on shoes, clothing, pet fur or travel in on the wind. Although seemingly harmless at this point, if given the right conditions mould spores can quickly spread. After 72 hours, untreated water damage will cause areas to develop heavy mould growth. Eliminate the harmful effects of the mould to your property and have the service professionals with Restoration 1 thoroughly remove it, treat the area infected area and restore it to pre-mould damage conditions.

To properly remove the mould, our team seals off the contaminated area, preventing the mould from being released into the air. Then, our service technicians with Restoration 1 remove the heavily affected areas and clean the remaining space with highly specialized anti-microbial chemicals. We then utilize specialized machines to clean and remove the mould spores from the air. We provide you with thorough mould removal, remediation and restoration services.

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