Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration from leaks or floods is our specialty.

Restoration 1 uses the most advanced equipment for our water damage restoration services. The water damage specialists on our team can remediate damages in a timely manner. This involves extracting the water and residual moisture in the area to dry it out completely. Our contractors are highly trained experts possessing the skills necessary for restoring safety to your property. We have immediate response times to mitigate further damages from occurring.

Water damage is a common type of property damage, and it’s a huge contributor to property loss because it can spread. If water damage isn’t remediated immediately, harmful bacteria and mould can grow throughout your residential or commercial space. This could cause immense wreckage to your home, and if extensive enough, could infect the entire property.

There are a variety of sources that can cause water damage along with different techniques and methods for treating the damaged areas. The expert technicians from Restoration 1 understand what it takes to remediate all types of water damage. They will identify the classification your damage falls under and which methods and equipment will be best for the job.


We remove all standing water in your home or business with water extractors and pumps. Once pooled water has been extracted the drying process can begin. This way we can prepare your property for water damage restoration and get it back to its original state.


During this stage, any carpets and padding are pulled up off the floor for thorough drying. Our professionals use industry-standard dehumidifiers and tools to dry all surfaces. We need to ensure floors are completely dried for the next step.


After we dry your property and rebuild it to its pre-damaged state, we will disinfect the entire area. It’s important to have the interior of your building completely cleansed to ensure there are no more mould or bacterial issues. Once the decontamination stage is finished, your space will be good as new.


Your belongings will be thoroughly dried and brought back to pre-damaged conditions whenever possible. The restoration process will repair and patch up any damages caused to your home’s structure as well. This is the reconstruction phase of our water damage restoration services.

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Different Types of Water Damage

Clean Water

This classification of water damage is caused from a source that doesn’t pose a threat to humans, hence clean water. Commonly, this is caused from water supply lines from things such as a water heater, faucets, kitchen appliances, bathtubs, showers, toilets and even pipes that run through the wall. If you have water damage that is stemmed from Category 1, we could save most (and sometimes all) of your flooring, walls and other contents if you call us immediately.

Grey Water

This category comes from water damage that contains biological, chemical and physical contaminants that are harmful to humans, and this can lead to extensive wreckage on your property. This usually stems from toilet bowls with waste in them, water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines, sump pump malfunctions and any other water that goes through a sanitation system. Areas that have been contaminated from this type of water damage will need to be removed to prevent mould growth.

Black Water

Black water refers to water damage that is extremely unsanitary and contains harmful bacteria and fungi. This is typically caused from sewage back up from sinks, toilets and tubs/showers. Other sources include rising water from rivers or streams, seawater, ground surface water or water from Category 2 that was not removed and has been sitting for 48-72 hours. Water damage restoration for Category 3 requires specialized equipment and professional methods to eradicate. Ultimately, a mould remediation service is often required to ensure that any contaminants won’t spread.

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